Welcome to all our newcomers, don't panic! We get new students all the time and are happy to assist you and ease you into your practice. Please feel free to purchase our newcomers offer. (see down below) Its available on your first visit, please note it's for local residents only. 

Some tips to make your first visit in the hot room a little bit easier.
Try not to eat too much food before class but drink plenty of water so you arrive hydrated at our studio. Don't worry too much about what you should and shouldn't be wearing, but we would recommend to wear comfortable yoga clothing.
Don't forget two towels, a water bottle, you can (re)fill your water bottle at the studio at our filtered water tap. And of course don't forget your yoga mat. All of the above is also available for rent at the reception. We do prefer that you'd bring your own reusable water bottle, to minimise our footprint. Note that glass bottles are not permitted inside the studio.

Once your in the hot room, try and place yourself towards the middle of the room, listen and let the instructions from our teacher guide you through your practice. Most of all, enjoy and soak up the heat!