The Original and authentic Bikram Yoga sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. This therapeutic series works on alignment; de-stresses the body and clears the mind whilst building strength and flexibility, healing injuries, burning calories and detoxing your internal systems.



BIKRAM 60 & 45

These class follow the full series of 26 postures/2 breathing exercises offering all the benefits of the 90mins class in a condensed time! Be prepared to sweat, cleanse and boost your energy levels.




A fun and dynamic flow class, choreographed to smooth yoga beats. The room is a warm 28-30 degrees to heat up the muscles safely, so you can move deeper into your body, promoting blood flow and allow you to sweat.




A deeply relaxing practice with a series of long held, floor based, passive postures. Designed melt away tension, open the body and calm the mind.




Tune into your body & breath in the Slow Flow sequence. Challenge strength & stability whilst slowing your nervous system down with calming Yin inspired postures to cultivate harmony in the body, mind and soul.




The set sequence flow thought sun salutations, backbends and balance, inversions and twists. A whole body and mind experience designed to build core strength, open energy channels and bring a lightness and peace of mind.




A challenging, fun filled, low impact-high Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout. Targets core muscles and burns fat. Designed for all fitness levels.



Private Yoga Training 

At Bikram Yoga Byron Bay we offer private yoga classes for individuals and small groups with our highly qualified yoga teachers.

Our one-on-one tuition, focus on structural alignment and posture integrity for a safer practice. 
- Workshop challenging postures.
- Work through road blocks in your yoga practice or mindset increasing your body awareness, deepening your yoga practice a finding the fun in movement!
- Learn to modify any aspect of your yoga practice to aide injury recovery and your own specific needs.

We will take the time to listen to your concerns, observe your movement, assess your needs and give you the tools to transform your body and mind.

Experienced Teacher - $90/hr
Senior Teacher - $120/hr
We also do package prices, bookings essential for private yoga classes, call Emma on 0438 771170 to discuss.