Bikram Yoga Posture Clinics

What’s included

- fine-tune your practice and expand your knowledge and understanding of Bikram yoga.

- Learn proper alignment and have time to practice this in each posture

- be assisted into posture and receive hands-on adjustments if you chose

- Learn everything from the fundamentals to the final expression

- understand the verbal instruction and why it’s important to this sequence

- learn the benefits and modifications of each posture, and correct alignment for YOUR individual body

The clinic will run as a regular class which will stop and start. The room will be heated and we will move through posture by posture.


Yes, that’s right you can ask questions, stop the class, demonstrate your posture and watch others demo theirs.

You will learn from each other and deepen your knowledge of this amazing therapeutic practice.

Feel free to take class beforehand so you can get your regular meditation flow and bring refreshments and food to keep you going.