Emma jay

For 12 years I have practiced the same sequence, for the most time daily. A part of my routine like brushing my teeth. It has filled me with joy and broken me to pieces. I have loved it and I have disliked it. I have tried to leave it like a discarded lover and I have run back to it like to the arms of a mother. I’ve questioned why I do it and I have realised I have no choice. 

This yoga does not change to suit my mood. It does not care to entertain my restless mind. This yoga does not need me. I need it. It has been my constant rock, through death and birth. It has been the only familiar in a sea of choices near drowning me. It is the pillar of strength, of truth and wholeness. It was and always will remain the same so I can change myself.



I grew up a state & national level competitive runner. Sprints turned to mid/distance then into marathons in my late 20's until I studied to be a registered nurse and traveled and lived in England for 10 years. Returning to Australia I was a personal fitness coach while holding down a day job in medical sales. Until I discovered Bikram yoga, and as soon as I stepped onto the mat to practice the first 90 minute class I knew I had to be a Hot yoga teacher! Practice is vital to being the best teacher possible, along with energy, humour, fun & ongoing education. I also teach Inferno HIIT Pilates as I totally believe it enhances one’s yoga through activation of abs and guts with core strength & cardio. This is not a job, it is my passion